About Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch, the “Golden Gladiator,” was born in New York City in 1949. He grew up with three brothers and a sister in Bay Shore, New York. He is thankful for his hardworking father from New York City and and wonderful mother from the plains of eastern North Carolina. That combination gave him and his siblings the very best of both worlds: the buzz of the big city in the North and the country sensibilities of the South.

Early Life

As a young boy, Michael preferred sports to the classroom, more likely to pick up a football or a baseball than a book. He is grateful, however, that he woke up to the enjoyment and enrichment of reading.

After playing football and lacrosse in college, along with a couple of brushes with the Law, Michael went back to New York and started Spartan Sports and Major Sports, which were two of the largest recreational sports leagues on Long Island for thirty-five years.

World Record Holder

A commitment to the love of the game of football and following a dream led him to play semipro football team in his mid sixties. Michael played four years with the Sarasota Millionaires and the Southwest Florida Gladiators, from the ages of 64 to 68. He was inducted into the Guinness World Records as the oldest American football player.

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Michael hopes that his story will inspire people to always chase their dreams. He says,

“Always make a goal and try to execute it… and always dream in color.”

He now resides in Florida.

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