68-Year-Old Michael Lynch Playing Semi-Pro, Championship Football

By Godwin Kelly for the Dayton Beach News Journal


Odd pairings? Let’s make a quick list.

Cutoff jeans worn at a royal wedding.

White wine with a beef entree.

Purple drapes in a red room.

Horse and goat mating.

Mayonnaise and jelly sandwiches.

Men in their late 60s and full-contact, semi-pro football.

All absolutely unthinkable, well, except for that last item on the list.

Michael Lynch, who was born midway through Harry Truman’s presidency, donned his Southwest Florida Gladiators football uniform to play against the Twin City Raiders in the Florida Football Alliance championship game held at Municipal Stadium on Saturday night.

The Raiders led most of the game before the Gladiators pulled out a 17-14 victory with a late, fourth-quarter touchdown for their second championship since 2015.

“It was a great game,” Lynch said immediately after the victory.

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